Thursday, December 18, 2008


Good afternoon my fellow fashionista's! It has been TOO long. Well here I am, BACK. Inspired with your desire to see what's in my dressing room. 

I am totally digging the lace up oxfords that have been poplular this fall/winter season. My first pair this season will be posted soon. Just think, shiny black patent leather with satin laces. Ohhh lala! For now, we'll discuss my newest oxford love. I saw them last week at the mall and decided to bypass them; time was ticking for other holiday recipients. When I was back at the mall last night and saw them still there, they were now going to be MINE. The wedge heel is a perfect 3" and simple for every day wear, especially for work. 

Also inspired by my Sock it to ME post, from La Buutique's fashion news blog site, I had some funky tights to pair w/ my wedge oxfords. Got a fave funky holiday stocking or wedge much lately? Share your inspirations here! 

On me:
H & M black wedge oxfords

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I've been M.I.A.

Sorry for the disappearing act. I have been uninspired with my dressing room since the end of the summer. There have been a few great finds here and there but I think December will help me through this hardship. With the festive holiday spirit all around me, I believe my dressing room spirit will be revived soon enough. Stay tuned and thank you for following La Buutique's Dressing Room. 

For my missing in action mood, I present to you singer, M.I.A. During this time, enjoy her for her uplifting fashion spirit. 

Love, La Buu

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