Monday, January 5, 2009

Bringing back the 80's

To bring in the New Year's we took it back to the 80's. Holding an 80's prom New Year's party at mi casa this year, I went back in time and shopped in my mother's closet. I found the perfect purple metallic dress! It was a fabulous one shoulder look, a look everyone had in the 80's AND complete with a big side waist bow. My assecories were all white, along with my white fish net stockings. You can't see my shoes but they were the perfect purple metallic match. Funny enough, the shoes were my own and I frequently wear them, besides from 80's themed nights. 

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! I highly encourage themed parties for the rest of 2009!


I know, I know, I waited long enough to post my 30th birthday outfit. Well here it is. Something I bought way too long ago and held on to for dear life to finally premiere at my 30th birthday party. This cute little number came from a mall kiosk in Thailand. I visited Thailand with my husband earlier this Spring and we were at a super mall at the beach, Hua Hin. I spotted it from afar and as I reached closer I pulled it off the rack, mind you this is a kiosk so there was very few to choose from and this was the only one hanging. It was my size! I couldn't even try it on because I was in the middle of the mall. I threw it on over my shorts and tank and knew right away I had to have it. I forgot the cost in Thai currency but it was roughly $10 American dollars. What a steal!

I chose to save this dress for my birthday when I tried on the dress for my cousin, Lan Pham, a.k.a. Angry Asian Creations,  after my return from my trip, when she told me it looked like I stuck a bunch of cupcakes all over my body. Right then and there I knew it was a perfect birthday dress. Why not look like a cup cake on my birthday, right?

This was the only full length picture I had of the dress so please excuse the hand next to me as I'm on the dance floor shaking it all night ;-) The close up picture shows the details of my accessories for the evening. I found a big cocktail ring in the shape of a white flower, just like the 3-d flowers on my dress. The black and gold detailed earrings and bracelets I paired w/ the rest of my outfit made the dress stand out even more.  To keep the look focused on the dress I wore black opaque tights and my black patent leather lace up oxfords. I promise I'll post those shoes soon. I keep talking about them and you need to see them up close.  My handbag for the night was an old vintage sequin soft material clutch my grandmother gave me years ago.  You can slightly see it in the corner of my close up pic. 

My 30th has come and gone and I feel great to be in a new age bracket. I hear 30's the new 20's and I'll have to see for myself how life begins at this point.