Friday, March 6, 2009

I'm Blue

I am so sorry but I have been feeling SO BLUE over my wardrobe lately! GASP! Maybe it's a mix of the season's changing, the cold vs. warm on unpredictable days, where these different climates restrict me from really allowing myself to indulge in FASHION, whatever it's taken over me. My style is feeling the bulk of this grim gloom so I haven't blogged much on what I've been wearing. Picture a lot of black ensembles with very little accessory. Basically, SAD. Feeling down about style doesn't help with showing off fashion [echoes faaaaaaaaaashion]. Maybe it's also because I haven't been shopping since the holidays. Wait. That will do it! But it's not all that either. 

So I realized this recently when I went to the mall with my cousins this past weekend and bought nothing. I can just hear the [whispers] now. I did try on a few items and nothing really made the cut. I drooled over this 3/4 length sleeved leopard jacket for a while and in the end the only result I got was amusing myself and my cousin, L.Pham of What I See Clicks, while she was just watching me and snapping pics. 

Forever21, leopard 3/4 lined jacket.

I wonder when my blues will go away....I guess I'll just have to be patient and find out. Ta ta lovelies, I'll blog soon when I'm feeling a lighter shade of blue!

xoxo, La Buu

Photography compliments of L.Pham of Bmore, MD


Angry Asian said...

that picture is fucking hot.

Kim Kima said...

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