Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Last few days of summer

While we experience the last few weeks of summer, I have been pulling out all the short sleeves and skirts and wearing them all...yes all because here I am wearing a cream colored skirt I haven't worn in AGES. It is an item in good shape and something I didn't throw into my annual yard sale. Since pulling this item from my dressing room I have worn it so many times the past few weeks! Yank out something old and give it new life with a trendy top; like this blue and white striped ruffle blouse. A soft woven belt adds pizzazz and a colorful orange purse will draw the attention in! What can you mix/match before the weather gets too cold?

On me:
top: Bitten by SJP
skirt: Gap
belt: H&M
purse: vintage
shoes: (no stranger to all of you now) Bakers

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