Friday, July 31, 2009


It's Friday, I'm feeling a little edgy, and what else makes a girl feel better than having her soles feel good!

I snagged these babies last yr and found that I rarely wear them; I may have only worn them ONCE. I forgot how comfy they were too! Pulling these kicks out of my shoe closet and dusting its' shoulders off I paired it w/ dark colored skinny capri jeans and a dark grey and white sleeveless blouse that ties a bow around my neck.

These are DKNY Rachelle's (Barrington) with the Insolia technology in a metallic midnight blue color.

While researching these shoes I found a little more information. Actually very cool information about the inventor of the Insolia technology. A world renowned Podiatrist, Dr. Howard Dananberg, invented the Insolia, a geometrical pad that can be worn with high heels to shift the weight back onto heels. DKNY adopted and picked up this technology into some of the shoes in their line.

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