Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Shirt Dress Shirt

Is it a shirt? Is it a dress? Or is it a shirt dress? I can't decide! It's too short and sheer to be a dress alone. It's too much for a shirt with pants. So, I paired this shirt dress w/ a pair of shorts and a tank underneath to make myself not to sheer and exposing but also still not too much to be all hot and bothered. It worked out to be a fun loving outfit for an afternoon downtown.

My shirt/dress, agh! whatever it's called was a new find during my NYC July 4th trip. I found it at a sale store that had everything under $20. I loved this shirt so much because of the soft cotton that I got 2! One in blue and white pinstriped and this one in black and white pinstriped. I love lil' sis' so much I gave her the blue one. HA! Makes up for her never have worn the coral dress before.


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Justin said...

Very cute outfits. I love the shirt dress! It so cute and cool.